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Welcome to GoldenHillSolution.com one of the largest IT infrastructure suppliers, hardware and software solutions for corporation around the world.

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A Digital Agency

We bring the traditional “commercial” arts of graphic design and copy writing together with new technology and modern marketing techniques. The result is a highly creative mix of artistry, science, engineering and soldier-like determination to fix problems, find solutions and, well, soldier on in a very fast changing landscape.

Forward Thinking

“The future belongs to those who consistently search for room to improve while others exhaust their opportunities by railing against change.”
— PJ Wade

Problem Solvers

Problem solving is used in engineering when products or processes fail, so corrective action can be taken to prevent further failures. It can also be applied to a product or process prior to an actual fail event, i.e., when a potential problem can be predicted and analyzed, and mitigation applied so the problem never actually occurs

Customer Support

Our friendly customer support staff will make you satisfied and happy. Please don’t hesitate to live chat or drop us an email.


Our Story

We had achieved a lot of rewards and reputation so far in Information Technology. We still keep in mind that we must try hard to bring up satisfactory and happiness to our customers. Moreover, we must improve ourselves in technology area to become one of the best IT infrastructure supplier around the world.

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • Hardware/Software Installation 80%
  • Customer Happiness 90%